Metropolis | Clockwork Necklace

Metropolis | Clockwork Necklace

Metropolis | Clockwork Necklace


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The sizing is perfectly designed and light weight to ensure your comfort.

• approx. 7.7 cm long X 12 cm wide.

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Since we were born, we never used watches. Nor checked the time.
Each of us has a very introspective view of time.

Plexi Shock wanted to pay homage to “time” from the inside, from his gear. For this reason, “Clockwork” is a very curious work, successful and special.

We did not then invented a lot if you do not move the Steampunck iconography that we find terribly heavy, on a artpop speech that we love so much. Making time something saucy, funny, mocking.

We really like.


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