Plexiglas Handmade Ideas

Nine Collections, nine different frameworks. From 2009, Plexi Shock creates complex and at times unclassifiable jewels, producing prototypes of unique pieces, resulted from thousands of ideas we have worked on over time.

More than collections, these are platforms, where every series is developed following stabilized procedures, which are often enhanced by new experiments. We are fascinated by the nervous system (Beehive), Japanese Minimalism (Total Monochrome), Urban Avant-Garde culture (Point Line Surface), Avant Pop Hyperrealism (Candy & The Sky), contemporary reductionism (Less is More), Art Deco mixed with Aztec lines (Mirrors) and, last but not least, by the Triangle (Triangles), which is our favorite symbolic object. Recently we added a brand new collection: Metamorphosis, inspired by German Expressionism and Surrealism. We draw rare, different, singular, original objects, which aim to have their own charisma, and to be recognizable among thousands of jewels.

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