Yes we do Fantastic Experimentals Bold Unusual Eyewear

“Eyewear”, the plexiglas glasses line of Plexi Shock: unique, original, with steel mechanisms and screws.

Models are just like masks. Large, thick, peculiar. 100% handmade.
Glasses are drawn, designed, carved, thermoformed by Plexi Shock manually.
Every pair is ready to integrate prescription or sun lenses.
Glasses are sold with neutral flat unpolarized Plexiglas lens.
Every part of the eyeglasses has been treated with sanding disks: the inner side, where the lens are mounted is hollowed out manually, while the outer is treated with abrasions and special brushes. Some parts are worked with specific papers and solvents to obtain an opaque effect.

Since these are 100% handcrafted eyeglasses, they show little diversities or slight thermal asymmetries between them. Legs are mounted perforating the material with a partial-recess technique, that’s why we recommend to be careful using the product and to bend it in its box when unused. We are not responsible for any damage caused by an erroneous use of the frames.

Every pair of glasses is sold in an original white satin rigid extendable Plexiglas box, with our logo engraved and stove-enlamelled.

Eyeglasses are sold in a “like you see” formula. That’s the reason they are not replaceable, neither refundable. Prototypes in the photos are processed by order about ten days after the payment has been sent.

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