Crowley | Blue Green Variation

Crowley | Blue Green Variation



The triangle. The cabal. Numerology … ect …

Plexi Shock is a laboratory of ideas, of concepts. Forget the platitudes, all those systems in place to sell items. Our items are so special that either you love or hate.

“Triangles” is the guideline, the cornerstone of our work.

If I were to recommend a jewel of our line, I would recommend this.

“Crowley : Blue Green Variation” contains within it different aesthetic innovations. It ‘the first evolution of the triangle concept to wear: based on many layers makes sure they come to create light effects and overlays that no other matter than would plexiglass. It has a highly elegant form and ultra-modern. Cut the frontal perspective of the face into two parts, creating a stunning effect on the face.

Like all of our work, including these earrings have silver hooks starting from the inside of the material, which is dug by hand, and whose hook is inserted between the two plates. It means that it is eternal. That is adjustable from right to left, from top to bottom. It means that it could not be better than that.



Width at the widest point: 3 cm
Height to the highest point: 9.7 cm
Depth of the point with multiple overlays: 12 cm
Stud Size: 2 cm

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